Ground envisions a high-aesthetic, low-impact future where everything returns to Earth. Working towards complete biodegradability, we use the most sustainable components commercially available today—from salvaged food byproducts to 100% recycled materials. As shared stewards of our planet, we relentlessly innovate to bridge the gap between today's reality and tomorrow's ideal. Tread light, choose Ground.

We want Ground to be the most ecological choice for those purchasing anew. Therefore, we're working towards 100% biodegradable and natural materials. We hope to see the return of YKK Japan's reEarth line—a biodegradable zipper. We chose to work with Piñatex for our alternative leather, as they are actively working on a version that will be fully biodegradable once the polyurethane coating is no longer needed (currently about 1% of the fabric makeup). We keep a close eye on the material innovation scene, and are proud to use the most sustainable materials available. Any plastics we use in our products are 100% recycled, and unrecyclable plastics used in production are sequestered and turned into Ecobricks. We ship in 100% biodegradable packaging. Both of our founders have been vegan for a decade, and vegetarian for years before that. In other words, we're holistic here, and serious about pushing what's possible as a direct-to-consumer brand. Know of something we could be doing better, or want to help out? Please get in touch. Stay grounded regardless.